** Warning Explicit language**
Fitness jealousy…

Now this post gets a little sweary and serious.. so if you’re easily offended by bad language or were looking for an easy read click here for a brilliant compilation of cat fails… seriously check it out it’s hilarious!

I was going to write a blog post about fizzy drinks and the pros and cons, what they do to your body and that they really do have a place in your lives…

While writing it I got a message from someone I train telling me that her ‘friend’ says she is obsessed with the gym and is look ‘gaunt’… Now someone tell me how somebody who eats 2300kcals a day and squats between 80-100kg a session can look gaunt…! My reply to this message was tell your friend to FUCK RIGHT OFF!!

Now as fitness professionals we see this all the time! Now tell me is this familiar?
Before you start training:
You: ‘ I’m thinking of starting to get a bit healthy, you know go to the gym, eat better’
Friend/Family ‘yeah that’s a great idea!!’

You start and you’re doing great..
Friend/Family “ah you’re doing so well keep it up buddy”

Then you start doing really well, you’re gyming it 5 – 6 days a week, you have a bunch of new gym friends and your nutrition is on point!

Friend/Family “hmm you’re getting a bit obsessed with this gym stuff aren’t you? You need a social life”

Then you start doing very very well, you have abs, quads, biceps.. or for woman a banging booty and a waist line to die for..

Friend/Family “mate you are looking gaunt, you need a good meal, and you need to stop sharing all these gym posts I’m so bored of seeing it”
Recognise any of this?

You know what your response should be? FUCK OFF!! Just plain old FUCK YOU AND FUCK OFF!! Or you could just be nice and tell them they are also doing well and tell them how you’ve done so well… but that’s your call.

Now this may seem like it’s only your friends or family doing this but most of us have been through it! Or are going through it..
YOU WANT TO KNOW THE REASON THEY ARE JEALOUS? Because you are doing better than them, you are doing so well you don’t actually need them and they are holding you back.. AND THEY KNOW IT!
Now.. let’s hit up some science!
In some ways, your weight loss becomes a symbol of their inability to accomplish their goals, so they may begin to act resentful — or even mean – often times without even realizing they are doing so,” says Christian Holle, PhD, an assistant professor of psychology at William Patterson University in Wayne, N.J.

Now this just shows this is a common thing!

Warren Huberman, PhD, a psychologist who often counsels patients in conjunction with the New York University Program for Surgical Weight Loss says:  “You may find that they are suddenly excluding you from activities, saying mean things, taunting you about your new body or even your new clothes — all born of resentment about not being able to achieve their own weight loss goals,”

What’s more, Huberman says,

When you experience that resentment, it’s not uncommon to have a “knee-jerk reaction” yourself and to pull away in anger and hurt. But this is the last thing you want to do.
You have to think about how you would feel in a similar situation, or maybe how you felt when others lost weight and you couldn’t,” Huberman says. “Try to put yourself in the place of the person who didn’t win the lottery, so to speak, and you’ll see that the resentment is all about them and not about you.”

Think about this.. Is a football player who plays 6 times a week, wears training gear all the time, doesn’t stop watching or playing the game obsessed? Would you call Ryan Giggs obsessed with football or good at his sport?
Would you say Martin Johnson was obsessed with Rugby or just good at his sport?

So why is it ok to look at a bodybuilder (now you mainly find this with female aesthetic competitors) who is 1 day away from their show and is down to 5-6% body fat and criticise them? THEY DO NOT STAY LIKE THAT 365 DAYS A YEAR!! Guarantee they are back up to 12% in a few days!

Fitness is a sport.. you need to work hard everyday at it!

So the long and short of this is, YES people will get jealous, YES it will piss you off to no end, YES you should try and be supportive… BUT if they keep going you know what to do…. FUCK OFF!!!!!

Now back to what I was originally writing about… Look forward to the Fizzy Drink Diet!

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